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Boats, Canoes, Tooİ - By Tim Mead Tim's fishing life has always centered around watercraft, whether it was a boat or canoe Tim loved them all.  Tim outlines his watercraft experiences which makes for an enjoyable read.
On Being an Outdoor Writer: A Pseudo Interview with The New York Times - By Tim Mead Tim has never been interviewed by the New Times for a best seller, but Tim's imagination put together the context of the interview if it had occurred.  Some insight into the man and his own interview.
Destination Brent - By Tim Mead Tim has made many, many trips into Quetico and in this article he discusses the adventures in getting to Brent Lake.  He truly enjoyed the trip and is hoping to return another day.
The Wit and Wisdom of Izaak Walton - By Tim Mead Izaak Walton wrote a book called the Compleat Angler way back in 1653 and it is interesting to see that an anglers thoughts on fishing haven't changed much in over 360+ years.  Tim pulls together some of Walton's insights into today's fishing world.   Definitely worth a read.
Kid Starts Fishing - By Tim Mead In this article Tim discusses his introduction to fishing and some of the influences that led to the love of the sport.   This article provides a lot of insight into the history of the Ancient Angler.
Sutton River Brook Trout - By Tim Mead In this article Tim talks about a great trip he had fishing for brook trout on the Sutton River in Ontario, Canada. The entire 10 day trip covered 85 miles from Halley Lake North to Hudson Bay, which makes the trip quite an adventure.
How I Met Meg Ryan - By Tim Mead Tim Mead not only dreams of catching big fish, but also has adventures/dreams outside of actual fishing.  Tim relates a story that takes place inside Dan Bailey's Fly Shop in Livingston, Montana.   An enjoyable and entertaining read.
Dog Sled Adventure - By Tim Mead Tim Mead has always like dog sledding, following the Iditarod religiously for many years.  He finally decided that he had to give it a try for himself.  This is a story of Tim's adventure learning to "Mush in Michigan". A different kind of story from the Ancient Angler.
Quetico 2011 - By Tim Mead Every year I make my annual trip to Quetico and 2011 was no exception.   Every year there are always new adventures and new guys that I share the experience with.    This article will give you a good insight into the people and trip for 2011.
Filming with Pete - By Tim Mead This article talks about the making of one of Pete Maina's The Next Bite television shows.   Not everyone has had the chance to fish with a genuine fishing celebrity much less be a part of a television show.   This fishing trip occurs on the famous Pelps Lake in far Northern Saskatchewan.
Tying the Egg-sucking Leech: An Essay on Tying Flies and Social Change - By Tim Mead This article goes in depth on how you can tie one of the best flies for trout.   The article also provides insight into how fly tieing techniques have changed over the years.    An excellent read even if you are not a fly tier.
Tricks for Successful Campers - By Tim Mead If you are interested in roughing it, including backpacking, canoe trips, etc, here is an article that provides some great trips on what it takes to make the campsite comfortable and efficient.   Insights from 25 years camping make this a great article.
Christmas Shopping Suggestions - By Tim Mead If you have an outdoorsman on your Christmas List here are some suggestions for items that are sure to please.   I only suggest gifts that personally use.
Folk Legends and the Weather - By Tim Mead Every fisherman has is concerned with the weather; Do the legends and old wive's tales hold any truths with regards to the weather?  Auther Tim Mead tells about the legends and discusses the validity of them.
Should You Hire A Guide - By Tim Mead Every fishermen who ventures off to a new area thinks about hiring a guide.   Guides do cost money and that outlay has to be measured against the benefits, the same as any other expense.   This article doesn't tell you what to do, but provides information in making an informed decision.
Trolling for Cats - By Tim Mead The article goes over a seldom used technique for catching big cats, trolling.   The article provides this knowledge through the eyes of a young boy, it's the true spirit of "passing it on."
Fly Fishing for Pike - By Tim Mead Monster pike can be taken on fly rods when they are shallow in early spring. Here's how.


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